Election High Vis Vests

Custom printed election high-vis vests from Print Ready, your election printing pros! 

  • Choice of Sizes
  • Choice of Colours (Wide Range)
  • Double Sided Option as standard
  • Small Logo on Front / Large on Back
  • 1 Colour Print as Standard
  • Professional Design Service Available

Wearing branded high-vis safety vests during door-to-door canvassing is a valuable strategy for all candidates running in Irish elections. These vests not only ensure the safety of candidates as they canvas in dusk and dark while they interact with voters but also serve as a powerful marketing tool. By incorporating their party logo, name and messaging on these vests, candidates can enhance their visibility and credibility among constituents.

Branded hi-vis safety vests make candidates easily identifiable and help them make a professional and memorable impression while engaging with voters. Dublin-based printing company Print Ready specialises in producing high-quality branded high visibility safety vests for election printing in Ireland, offering candidates a practical and effective way to promote their campaign while prioritising safety during canvassing activities.

Print Ready's expertise in election printing in Ireland makes them a trusted source for candidates seeking to optimise their campaign outreach through branded high viz vests.

Branded high-vis vests, expertly printed by Print Ready, not only enhance candidate recognition but also contribute to a positive and memorable canvassing experience, ultimately strengthening connections with voters and increasing campaign visibility.

Get election ready with Print Ready, Irelands leading election printing company.

  Sizes come in blended combination sizes. Eg: Small Medium is a size for both small and medium.   

  Please Email @ info@printready.ie  


Generous in size allowing to be worn as an over garment with deeper armholes than standard. Grey polyester bound edges. 50mm sewn on hi-vis tapes. Note: These garments should be worn fastened and kept clean to maintain effectiveness. Ideal for brandind. Full shoulder and chest space for logo. Lightweight enhanced visibility for event marshalling. EN ISO 20471 + A1:2016 CLASS 2 RIS-3279-TOM ISSUE 2:2019 (orange only); all other colours ENHANCED VISIBILITY only. Decorating methods: 

Washing Instructions
40 degrees. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry

Outer: 120gsm, 100% Polyester


Sizes come in blended combination sizes. Eg: Small Medium is a size for both small and medium. 

S/M 37/38.5" 
L/XL 45/46.5" 
2XL/3XL 48.5/51"


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